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From: Bob Archman
Subject: Catfish helps Uncle Jake 2Catfish preteen naughty girls Helps Uncle Jake 2By Bald Hairy ManThis story fills in a gap between Young Catfish and Millennium Construction
Company. Catfish also appears in Play Pen. It is a story about gay men and
gay sex. If you don't like that DON'T read it. You have been warned. It is
intended for adults to read, not for minors. It is a fantasy, not a sex
manual. No effort to portray safe sex practices has been made. If you
have any comments send them to or
The next morning I awoke wondering about Jake's accident. It was possible
it preteen download girls was simply and accident. The driver could have panicked and driven
off. Mabel was a problem though. Mom described her as a woman with no
imagination. If that was the case she saw something in the driver that she
identified as intent.If I was driving down a street and suddenly erotic preteen imageboard saw a man in front of me, I
think I'd have had expression pedo preteen asian of horror, shock or fear on my face. I know
my first reaction would be to jam on the breaks, or swerve. That didn't
happen.Perhaps the driver blacked out. It could have been a small epileptic fit or
sleep apnea. I assume that would result in a blank expression. The car had
to be damaged. Jake is 250 pounds. Where was the car? It had to be in a
body shop somewhere.After I got Jake ready for the day I went off to see Skeeter at the Acme
Body shop. Skeeter was a good guy. A name like Skeeter shouts out preteen download girls trailer
trash, but Skeeter knew his stuff and was successful. He was preteen kds portal fifteen years
older than me and had been a star basketball player at my high school. He
wasn't good enough to get a scholarship, so he went to work for Acme.Acme was run by a down and dirty man named Eustis Jones. He was nice enough
to get shot by his wife for messing around with another woman. Skeeter kept
Acme going and bought it a few years later. The secret to Skeeter's success
was honesty and competence, something Eustis never tried."Skeeter, I'm trying to find out something about the truck that hit Uncle
Jake?" I said."Hit Jake? I didn't hear anything about it," Skeeter exclaimed. I told him
the story. He had been on vacation that week and when he got back, the
murder had been the main subject of conversation. I told him about Mabel
and her description of the truck as being blue and made by Ford, Dodge, or
GMC.He laughed. "Mrs. Ellington's a nice lady, but that sure sounds like her,"
he said. "I'll talk to her. She may know more. I'm use to talking with
ladies who aren't into cars. I can see what I can do. I've got a book of
nice color pictures of license plates. She might recognize it if she sees
it.""Can you check with some of the other body shops?" I asked. "Jake's a big
guy. He has to have inflicted some serious damage on the truck.""The cops will do that," Skeeter said. "There must be some big time damage,
but I would guess they would either ditch the truck, or go to a guy who
does body work in his garage. I can call around. I'd bet he'd take it out
of state though.""I was thinking it might not be that drivable," I said. "Jake told me he
had some glass in his clothes.""Tempered glass?""Well he wasn't cut, so it would preteen russian defloration have to be tempered, I would guess," I
said. "From Mrs. Ellington's description I would guess he broke the
windshield.""Well, that would have to be repaired nearby," Skeeter said. "A broken
windshield is hard to hide. I'll call the forbiden preteen sex
glass shops. Your uncle helped me
out when I bought this place. I owe him a lot.""He did?" I asked. I knew nothing about this."He loaned me some money to help buy the place. The bank wouldn't give me
the full amount I needed. I've paid him back with interest, but he had
faith in me."After visiting Skeeter I went to get groceries and pick up some
prescriptions from the drugstore. Mom got the big times drugs. If you're a
twenty year old redneck guy, your chance of getting pain pills is next to
nil. Mom figured it wasn't even worth the effort. I got some things and
then went to the library to get some book for Jake. He liked murder
mysteries and the library knew what he liked.The library closed early on Wednesdays, and it was empty except for the
librarian, Mr. Earl Early. He had selected some books he thought Jake
would like. Mr. Early want to know how Jake was doing, apparently they were
good friends. I wouldn't have thought Earl was Jake's type. The
conversation took a few odd turns before it dawned on me that they were
playmates.I told him Jake was well on the road to recovery and everything was in
working order. "Everything?" he asked.I smiled at him and rubbed my crotch. "Everything." I replied. He looked
puzzled and then realized we were all members of the same fraternity."You and Jake have a lot in common?" he asked."We sure do," I replied."Jake usually visited me and my friend, Hugo on Wednesdays," Earl
said. "We've really missed him." He dropped his voice. "He's a big man."
Earl was looking directly at my crotch."Where do you get together?" I asked."At my house," he said. "I live on Elm Street, 103 Elm to be exact. In
about 15 minutes."I smiled at him. "Do you like company? Does your friend like company?""Oh yes," he said. "We love it."Somehow, twenty minutes later I was walking down Elm Street past
Mr. Early's house. He came out and asked me how Jake was and asked me
in. Hugo and another man were waiting in the kitchen. Hugo was the spitting
image of Bluto in the Popeye cartoons. Earl introduced erotic preteen imageboard the other man as
Barry. We had a coke and Earl showed us around the house.When we got to the master bedroom, preteen toon pics
I started to unbutton my shirt. Earl,
Barry and Hugo followed my lead. Hugo was a carpenter from a town about 20
miles away. He wasn't much interested in me until I got naked.Hugo was gorilla-like furry and built like a Sliver back. Somewhere in the
tangle of hair at his crotch was a cock and balls, but the fur obscured the
equipment. I could see the skin and the beginning of the cock head bulge,
but not the organ itself.Earl was tall, thin, and hairless. The only interesting part of his anatomy
was his cock. It was a beauty. It was long and meaty with a well formed
head.Physically, Barry was halfway between the two physical types. He was solid,
but not massive, moderately hairy and nicely hung. He had a close cropped
beard and was handsome in a Robert Wagner way.One nice thing about my cock is that in addition to being big it's an ice
breaker. Hugo looked at it and then at Earl. "Damn you can pick them!" he
said. "It isn't pretty, but damn!""It tastes better than it looks," I said. It doesn't take much attention to
get my cock to swell up. That was enough to get the party rolling. In the
race to get hard Earl won, but Barry and Hugo tied for second place. I was
last since it takes some time to fill it up. No one objected.Earl won the race to be the first to suck me. "You guys are real friendly,"
I said. "I hope having a new guy here doesn't bother you.""We'll make due," Hugo muttered. He dropped to his knees and shared the
cock sucking with Earl. There is room for two."I'm new here too," Barry said. "I'm pinch hitting for a guy named
Jake. Hugo said he was hung like a horse, preteen russian masterbation but he can't be as big as you.""Jake's my uncle. He's a bit thicker than me. I'm a bit longer, but you can
tell we're related."Barry grinned. "I'd sure like to be at your house for Thanksgiving dinner!""Thanksgiving is nice, but I'd recommend birthdays," I said. "It can get
really interesting after we have the cake.""Are you a top like Jake?" Hugo asked. "Barry's a top too.""Yep. I like to top," I said. "We've got four guys, four cocks and four
assholes. I think we can work something out."I was 100% right about that. I
can swing both ways when I'm inspired. preteen porno pics I was inspired. Earl was the only
pure top and Hugo was all bottoms. Everyone could get what he wanted. In
fact Hugo got three of what he wanted.Hugo was a strange case. It only took a few minutes to realize he was a
bottom pig. girl sex preteen He craved a cock pounding his ass. Unfortunately he had buns
of steel. They were all muscle. That was fine. He also had an asshole that
was half the size of the cocks he wanted. In his defense he seemed to like
forced preteen chat forum entry. preteens list elegal As it turned out Earl and Barry had no problem with that
either. I did.Hurting a playmate turns me off. I can't enjoy it. I have no problem with
impaling a guy on my cock with him twitching and moaning in pleasure. If
he's in pain, I can't do it. I can't play drill sergeant and recruit, or
jailer and prisoner. That too turns me preteen kds portal
off. I like hot and heavy, off to
the moon and back fucking. Plain and nudists preteen pics simple.It all started with Hugo getting pussy fucking preteens on his hands and knees and taking Barry
doggy style. I got Earl on his back and did a nice pole dance on his
cock. Earl didn't turn me on, but his cock and my ass hit it off. He cock
head was blunt and flared. It pushed through my sphincter easily and a
second later my ass rested on his balls on one side and his pubic bush on
the other.Earl was smooth, but he had bushy pubes. His pubes cushioned my balls as I
bounced on his cock. His shaft was long and above average thick. It wasn't
a challenge, but I definitely knew I was being fucked. As I undulated on
it, I soon realized the knob was the main attraction. I thought I was hard
when I sat on it, but on the second bounce my foreskin had pulled all the
way back and my dick was drooling like Mount Vesuvius.Earl was a happy camper. He stayed rock hard and happy. Earl had size queen
tendencies, and this position left my cock fully visible for his enjoyment
and admiration."I'm going to pop if I don't slow down," Barry said as he pulled out of
Hugo's hole. "Can you take over Earl?"I got off Earl's meat and let him go to Hugo. Earl washed the lube and ass
juices from his cock and then re coated his member with lube.Barry came over to me. He licked the drool from my cock. "I'm a top and
you're a top," he said. "Do you want to do oral, or flip a coin?" I looked
him in the erotic preteen imageboard
eye and knew he wanted to get laid."Why don't you try on my cock for size," I said. "You can pop me next."He looked at me hard. "Can I pick the position?"I nodded. He asked me to get on the floor so he could sit on it. That was
fine for me. He had a small bag with him. It contained so additional
lubricant, and a box of capsules. They were amyl nitrate. Barry must have
been a doctor or a pharmacist. It turned out he was a doctor specializing
in urology and proctology.He straddled me and eased himself gingerly onto my cock. He was careful and
slow. My head was in when he stopped."Can you give me one of those ampoules? "he asked. I gave him one. He
broke it open and took and long sniff, then he handed it to me. I took a
snort. It was high powered stuff. comic preteen sex When I looked at Barry it was as if he
was melting, and my cock was vanishing into his hole. I came damn close to
shooting my load then and there.I managed to hold back. Barry was fully impaled now. His eyes had rolled
back into his head and he was gasping for air. I stayed still and didn't
move. He needed to get a grip and it helped me to control my orgasm. I may
have shot a single spurt, but that was it.A minute or two later he returned to the land of the living. "I've never
taken one like yours," he said."Are you okay?"Barry nodded. "It hurt at first, but its fine now. I didn't think I could
do it," he whispered. He began to slowly move his hips. I saw him relax
when my cock found the right place. All was well. We had a nice session
until Earl began to moan as he shot his load into Hugo's ass. bbs post preteen
I was my
turn.Hugo had rolled over best photos preteen after Earl pulled out. He had been on his hands and
knees for almost a half hour and he needed some rest. He had his eyes
closed as he took deep breaths. I saw his erect cock. His cock head was
large and mushroom shaped. It banned photo preteen sat on a thin shaft that formed a "c" it was
so curved.I walked over to him, straddled his body and sat on the curved dick. It was
a bull's eye. He was rock hard and the cock hooked in my ass and his knob
rested on my prostate. Actually, it rammed my nut. It was a total surprise
for me and for Hugo. Hugo may have been a bottom, but he made the best of
the situation.The feelings were too intense for me, but it was hard to get away from the
curved member and the mushroom. I tried to pull off and get away. When I
did, I immediately felt a need to feel it again. Once I managed an
escape. When Hugo realized only his mushroom was still in my ass and he
forced me onto it again. I don't know how long we went at it like dogs in
heat, but it was good.I later found out Hugo's cock preteen russian defloration head got over sensitive when he was
hard. That way he like the bottom, it reduced his partner's contact with
the hyper sensitive gland. My ass was perfect for him."I'm shooting!" he cried. I pulled off and Hugo sprayed his hairy chest,
beard and face with cum. He was coated with it. The first few shots were
ribbon style, but the later ones splattered like buck shot.When I got off the ejaculating man, Barry saw my hole and filled it. He was
ripe and didn't last long. That was fine with me. preteen 14 porn I was the only one who
hadn't climaxed yet, but I didn't worry. We all cooled off for a while. We
were all pretty mellow."I use to live in Washington," Barry said, "When I took to position here I
thought this would be a desert sexually speaking. This is the wildest sex
I've ever experienced. How often do you preteens list elegal get together?"Well, we aim for weekly, but I think it works out to be once or twice a
month," Hugo said. "Schedules are complicated.""How did you meet?" Barry asked."Jake and I met at a public hearing. We had a big fight over the Battle Run
Park," Earl explained."I don't remember anything about that," I said."Some guys wanted to buy Battle Run Park for use as a detention center for
illegal aliens," Earl said. "That was okay, but I couldn't figure out why
the wanted the park. It's not as if there aren't lots of sites available.
Well I was against it and we put up a good fight. Jake made the resolution
to postpone a decision for a year so the developers would have a chance to
find another site. I have no idea why anyone would have voted for such
crack pot scheme. The Mayor was obsessed.""Have they found a site?" I asked."They haven't even looked," Earl said. "It's coming up for a vote in two
weeks. I went to thank Jake for helping us and we discovered a common
interest.""How did you meet Hugo?" Barry asked."It's embarrassing," Hugo said. "I met a guy at the library. Earl walked in
on us in the men's room. The guy left, but Earl and I hit it off.""How did you meet Barry?" Earl asked."I had a urinary infection and went to see him. preteen legal galleries I liked his exam a lot,"
Hugo said smiling broadly."He liked my finger so much I got carried away," Barry said.
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